Our Firm

Our brand was founded by Maria Alejandra Cusati in Caracas, Venezuela 10 yeas ago. As a answer to the market needs of high-end fashionable sport wear BOHNOSPORT has been since then the number one brand amount her high-end clientele. Maria was able to combine the highest quality materials, with the most beautiful blends of colors using the most innovative technology in the sportwear industry.

6 years ago Maria moved to South Florida and start a new journey with BOHNOFITWEAR since then all designs are done in the U.S. and manufactured in Brazil. She has choosed Brazil because they produce one of the most high quality  Licras and Suplex in the word, and she does not compromise in quality vs price.

We have always designed our clothing-line believing that our clothes cannot be restricted to sport activities alone, but for everyday use. Our line is dedicated to the modern woman who wants to stand out in the crow, workout hard, care about her look, body, soul, mind and health.

The strength of our brand is the quality we produced, our simple statement is that our cloths will never wear-out, that simple, our clients have never complained about the quality of our product. This statement has been reinforced thank to our clients testimonials through these many years in business.